About Tummy Band

The Maternity TUMMY BAND Solution

As an Australian maternity wear manufacturer for over 30 years, we recognised the problem that pregnant women were having with tight fitting pants in early pregnancy – they were thinking about maternity pants but weren’t quite developed enough for a comfortable fit!


We set about designing a maternity tummy band fashion accessory to solve this dilemma. At Cosmic Clothing we were very conscious of creating a maternity tummy band product that would not diminish sales of our regular maternity wear products. However, we knew that many women in early pregnancy didn’t always feel comfortable wearing pants that were designed for fit for the later stages of the pregnancy.


After a period of tummy band trials and product refinements, we launched the maternity TUMMY BAND which has since received tremendous acceptance in the market place. The tummy band is now styled in a range of Tummy Band colours and sizes and an added bonus of the Maternity Tummy Band is that it can be worn post-natally while returning to pre-birth weight.